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New Deal Projects in the Bronx

Frank da Cruz
June 2014
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WPA in the Bronx 1936
Click to enlarge - WPA at work in the Bronx 1936:
Castle Hill Avenue at 177th Street; Photo: NYPL
Imagine a time when millions of people were out of work and the federal government, recognizing that Wall Street and the big banks and corporations were the problem and not the solution, took the initiative and did what the private sector would not do and created jobs for the unemployed. The Introduction to The Bronx It Was Only Yesterday 1925-1965 by Lloyd Ultan and Gary Hermalyn (Bronx County Historical Society, 1992) includes this passage:
The New Deal's programs were on everyone's minds in the late 1930s. So many people we knew had the misfortune to be out of work and on, what was then called, home relief. For a father to have a job with the Works Progress Administration, or WPA, repaving the many streets or building new projects in The Bronx, was a stroke of good luck. With a steady income he could provide clothes and food for his family, and further, had the dignity of saying that he worked for what he got. Indeed those few years before the onset of the Second World War, The Bronx seemed to be in a frenzy of construction...

A frenzy of construction indeed! In the Bronx we are surrounded by New Deal projects without even knowing it. President Franklin Delano Roosevelt's New Deal designed, constructed, and/or paid for a great many Bronx landmarks including bridges, highways, courthouses, post offices, public schools, fire houses, swimming pools, parks, playgrounds, countless murals, sculptures, maps, surveys, renovations, and infrastructure improvements all over the Bronx, including in the Botanical Garden and Zoo, not to mention an ongoing schedule of public concerts, dances, plays, puppet shows, swimming lessons, and contests. Also see:

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Williamsbridge Oval

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Split Rock and Pelham Bay Golf Courses

splitrock110 splitrock400 splitrock410 splitrock420 splitrock430 splitrock440 splitrock450 splitrock460 splitrock470 splitrock480 splitrock490 splitrock500 splitrock510 splitrock520 splitrock540 splitrock530 splitrock550 splitrock560 splitrock570 splitrock580 splitrock590 splitrock600 splitrock120 splitrock130 splitrock140 splitrock610 splitrockgolfcourse splitrock100

Lehman College Campus

calc00 calc05 calc07 calc10 calc15 calc20 calc25 calc35 calc40 calc42 calc45 calc50 calc60 calc65

Orchard Beach

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Astoria Park (Queens)

astoriapark02 astoriapark01 astoriapark03 astoriapark04 astoriapark05 astoriapark06

Astoria Pool (Queens)

astoriapool01 astoriapool02 astoriapool03 astoriapool04 astoriapool05 astoriapool06 astoriapool07 astoriapool08 astoriapool09 astoriapool10 astoriapool11 astoriapool12 astoriapool13 astoriapool14 astoriapool15

Triborough Bridge

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Crotona Park, Pool, and Play Center

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Bronx General Post Office

pobg10 bxpo1938 pobg20 pobg30 pobg40 pobg50 pobg60 pobg70 bxgpo1 bxgpo2 bxgpo3 bxgpo4

Bronx Terminal Market

bxtm09 bxtm10 bxtm01 bxtm2004 bxtm02 bxtm00 bxtm03 bxtm04 bxtm05 bxtm06 bxtm07 bxtm08 bxtm11

Van Cortlandt Stadium

davc00 davc05

Van Cortlandt Park Southwest Playground

davc10 davc20 davc30

Bronx County Courthouse

chbc100 chbc110 chbc120 chbc130 chbc140 chbc150 chbc160 chbc170 chbc180 chbc190 chbc200 chbc210 chbc220 chbc230 chbc240 chbc250 chbc260

Joyce Kilmer Park

jk10 jk20 jk30 jk40 jk50 jk60 jk70

Harris Field

eahf00 eahf10 eahf20 eahf30 eahf40 eahf50 eahf60 eahf65 eahf70

Jerome Park Reservoir Gate Houses

bajp00 bajp12 bajp10 bajp11 bajp20 bajp30 bajp40

Pedestrian Bridge to Bronx Park at 204th Street

fbfc00 fbfc10

Claremont Park

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Bronx Park North

bpn00 bpn10 bpn20 bpn30 bpn40 bpn50 bpn60 bpn70 bpn80 bpn100 bpn110 bpn120 bpn130 bpn140 bpn150 bpn160 bpn170 bpn180 bpn190 bpn200

Rosewood Playground

gbrp00 gbrp10 gbrp20 gbrp30 gbrp40 gbrp50 gbrp60 gbrp70

French Charley's Playground

fbfc20 fbfc40 fbfc50 fbfc60 fbfc70 fbfc80 fbfc90 fbfc95 fbfc97 fbfc98

Allerton Ballfields

abf10 abf15 abf20 abf30 abf40 abf50 abf60 abf65 abf70 abf75 abf77

Bufano Park

bufano01 bufano02 bufano03 bufano04 bufano08 bufano16 bufano05 bufano06 bufano07 bufano09 bufano11 bufano13 bufano12 bufano10 bufano15 bufano14 bufano17 bufano18 bufanoaerial

Bailey Playground

gabp00 gabp10 gabp20 gabp30 gabp40 gabp50

Belmont Playground

belmont000 belmont100 belmont110 belmont120 belmont130 belmont140 belmont150 belmont160 belmont165 belmont170 belmont180 belmont190 belmont230 belmont200 belmont220 belmont210

Mosholu Baseball Field (Frank Frish Field)

jaff00 jaff10 jaff20 jaff30 jaff40 jaff50 jaff60 jaff70 jaff80 jaff90

IND Subway B and D Trains

xabd00 xabd10 xabd20 xabd30

Devoe Park

dvp00 dvp10 dvp20 dvp30 dvp40 dvp50 dvp60 dvp70 dvp80

St. James Park

sjp000 sjp010 sjp020 sjp030 sjp032 sjp034 sjp036 sjp040 sjp050 sjp060 sjp065 sjp070 sjp075 sjp080 sjp090 sjp095 sjp100 sjp110 sjp120 sjp130 sjp140

227th Street Playground

227pg10 227pg20 227pg30 227pg40 227pg50 227pg60 227pg70 227pg80

Olinville Playground

olinville10 olinville20 olinville30 olinville40 olinville50 olinville60 olinville70 olinville80 olinville90

Owen F. Dolen Park

dolen01 dolen02 dolen03 dolen04 dolen05 dolen07 dolen08 dolen09 dolen10

SUNY Maritime College

maritime01 maritime03 maritime44 maritime04 maritime05 maritime06 maritime07 maritime08 maritime12 maritime13 maritime14 maritime45 maritime38 maritime15 maritime16 maritime37 maritime17 maritime18 maritime19 maritime20 maritime41 maritime21 maritime40 maritime42 maritime43 maritime22 maritime23 maritime25 maritime26 maritime27 maritime28 maritime29 maritime34 maritime46 maritime36 maritime39 maritime30 maritime31 maritime32

The Bronx-Whitestone Bridge

whitestone01 whitestone06 whitestone07 whitestone04 whitestone05 whitestone02 whitestone03

Ferry Point Park

ferrypoint01 ferrypoint02 ferrypoint03 ferrypoint04 ferrypoint05 ferrypoint06 ferrypoint07 ferrypoint08 ferrypoint09 ferrypoint10 ferrypoint11 ferrypoint12

Francis Lewis Park (Queens)

francislewispark01 francislewispark02 francislewispark03 francislewispark04 francislewispark05

City Island Firehouse

engine70a engine70b engine70d engine70e engine70g engine70h engine70house1939 engine70f

Fieldston Firehouse

engine52a engine52b engine52c engine52e engine52d engine52f engine52t engine52g engine52h engine52i engine52j engine52k

Waring Playground

waring01 waring02 waring03 waring04 waring05 waring06 waring08 waring09

Reiss Field

reiss01 reiss02 reiss03 reiss04 reiss05 reiss06

Zimmerman Playground

zimmerman01 zimmerman02 zimmerman03 zimmerman04 zimmerman05 zimmerman06 zimmerman07 zimmerman08 zimmerman09

Pelham Parkway bicycle path

pelham01 pelham02 pelham03 pelham04

Garrison Playground

garrison1 garrison2014 garrison2 garrison3 garrison4

Peoples Park

peoples1 peoples2 peoples3 peoples4 peoples5 peoples6 peoples7

St. Mary's Park

stmarys01 stmarys02 stmarys03 stmarys04 stmarys05 stmarys06 stmarys07 stmarys08 stmarys10 stmarys11 stmarys12 stmarys13 stmarys14 stmarys15 stmarys16 stmarys17 stmarys18 stmarys19 stmarys20 stmarys21 stmarys22 stmarys23 stmarys24 stmarys25 stmarys26 stmarys27 stmarys28 stmarys29

Macombs Dam Park Playground

mdp10 mdp20 mdp30 mdp40 mdp50 mdp60

The Macombs Dam Bridge

macombsdambridge1 macombsdambridge2

The Willis Avenue Bridge

willis1 willis2

Ranaqua Bronx Park Department Headquarters

ranaqua0 ranaqua1 ranaqua2 ranaqua3 ranaqua10 ranaqua4 ranaqua5 ranaqua11 ranaqua6 ranaqua7 ranaqua8 ranaqua9

Van Nest Park

vannest1 vannest2 vannest3 vannest4 vannest5 vannest6

Noble Playground

noble1 noble2 noble3 noble4 noble5 noble6 noble7 noble8 noble9 noble10

Bronx Park Trojan Courts

trojan1 trojancourts1 trojancourts2 trojancourts3 trojancourts4 trojancourts5 trojanfield1 trojanfield2 trojanfield3 brady1 brady3 brady2 brady4 brady5 benabrams1 benabrams2 benabrams3 benabrams4 benabrams5 benabrams6

Watson-Gleason Playground

watsongleason1 watsongleason0 watsongleason2 watsongleason3 watsongleason5 watsongleason6 watsongleason7 watsongleason8 watsongleason9 watsongleason10 watsongleason11 watsongleason12 watsongleason21 watsongleason13 watsongleason14 watsongleason16 watsongleason15 watsongleason17 watsongleason18 watsongleason19 watsongleason20

West Farms Post Office

westfarms1 westfarms2 westfarms3 westfarms4

Rienzi Playground

rienzi2 rienzi1 rienzi3 rienzi4 rienzi5 rienzi6 rienzi7 rienzi8 rienzi9

Richard Green Junior High School 113

richardgreen1 ednahershman richardgreen2 richardgreen3 richardgreen4 richardgreen5

Evander Childs High School Murals

evanderchilds3 evanderchilds4 evanderchilds1 evanderchilds2 evanderchilds5 newell1 newell2 newell3 newell4 newell5 newell6 newell7 newell8 newell9 newell10

Reservoir Oval Repaving

ovalrepaving0 ovalrepaving1 ovalrepaving2 ovalrepaving3 ovalrepaving4 ovalrepaving5 ovalrepaving6

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