Bronx New Deal - Photo #154 - Astoria Park (Queens)

Astoria Park in Queens, beneath the segment of the Triborough Bridge that connects Queens with Randall's Island. The 56-acre park dates from 1913[1], but the 4.5-acre portion under the Triborough was a 1937 addition when "major improvements in Astoria Park were undertaken by Parks Commissioner Robert Moses and the Works Progress Administration during a hot summer in 1936. The stunning pool complex opened on July 4 of that year and hosted the swimming and diving trials for the U.S. Olympic Teams in 1936 and 1964."[1] Besides the swimming pool, various playgrounds and comfort stations were added or renovated during the course of the New Deal using relief labor. I'll try to get better sources later but clearly the WPA did a lot of work in Astoria Park, if only to accommodate the Triborough Bridge and the new pool.

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