Bronx New Deal - Photo #266 - Bronx General Post Office

Bronx General Post Office, NY Landmarks Preservation Foundation plaque, 1989, which says:

Completed in 1937 under the supervision of the U.S. Treasury Architect Louis Simon, in accordance with the design of Thomas Harlan Ellett, the building was executed in a style that combines classical simplicity with the sleekness of modernism. It is particularly noteworthy for the facade's only ornamentation, the sculptures “The Letter” by Henry Kreis, and “Noah” by Charles Rudy. The lobby is adorned with thirteen murals depicting the occupations of American workers painted in 1939 by Ben Shahn and his wife, Bernarda Bryson.

Note the studious avoidance of any mention of the New Deal, the Public Works Administration, or any other indication that this building and all of the art within it are New Deal work relief creations.