New York City New Deal Information Resources

Frank da Cruz
Bronx NY
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This site attempts to show what New Deal funding accomplished in New York City (mainly in the Bronx), but there is much more to the story than that, since the New Deal was not only a work program but a series of laws to protect ordinary working people in their old age, to allow them to form unions, and to prevent banks from gambling with their money. Most of these protections have been rolled back in the years since 1980 and the few that remain are under attack. Only those of us over a "certain age" remember a life of secure salaried regular 35- or 40-hour-a-week employment with vacation, sick leave, health care, and retirement with an adequate lifetime pension.

To explore the nationwide New Deal in depth, please visit the Living New Deal project. To explore the New Deal in New York City in greater detail, see the following local resources:

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