Bronx New Deal - Photo #743 - Rienzi Playground

Rienzi Playground, between East 225th and 226th Streets, White Plains Road, and Barnes Avenue in the Williamsbridge Section of the Northeast Bronx. A 1941 Parks Department Press release[1] says:
The Department of Parks announces the beginning of construction of two new play areas in the Bronx.

At White Plains Road between East 225 Street and East 226 Street, a 1 acre site, approximately 230 feet square at the rear of Public School 21, was recently acquired by the City for school and recreational purposes. The Board of Education has removed the old 1 story frame school annex adjacent to the newly acquired property and is adding a wing to the existing 2 story brick building.

The new playground which will be used for both school and neighborhood recreation will be operated by the Board of Education during school hours and at all other times by the Department of Parks for community usage. A one-quarter acre parcel of the old school property located north of the new school wing will be included in the playground development.

Sixteen 1 to 3 story brick and frame structures are being removed by the Work Projects Administration in preparation for the new work. The L-shaped area will be completely enclosed and sub-divided into five asphalt surfaced rectangular units by 10'-16' high chain1 link fencing. Gate controlled entrances will connect the various units and provide access from the school grounds and adjoining streets. ... The work is being done by the Work Projects Administration from plans prepared by the Department of Parks and approved by the Board of Education.


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