Bronx New Deal - Photo #418 - Bailey Playground

Bailey Playground at Bailey Avenue and 234th Street, Bronx NY, June 2014. This was one of the WPA projects announced as a bundle for 1941, along with Harris Field, in a September 22, 1941, New York Times article. Here's the relevant text from the September 22, 1941, Parks Department Press Release:
The Department of Parks announces that construction has begun on thirteen park projects in various neighborhoods throughout the City by the Work Projects Administration. These areas will be completed and opened to the public next summer ... At Bailey Avenue and West 234th Street, The Bronx, approximately 3 acres located west of the New York Central Putnam Division at the corner of West 234th Street and Bailey Avenue was originally acquired for school purposes in 1929 and was assigned this year to the Department of Parks. A new playground is under construction including in the south half of the area a large wading pool and comfort station. Two entrances will be provided from West 234th Street. The north half of the area will be paved with bituminous material and will be used for roller skating, softball and free play ... The work was carried out by the Work Projects Administration prepared by the Department of Parks. In 1934 there were 119 playgrounds in the five boroughsj 61 of which have been reconstructed] with these three additions there are now 451 playgrounds in the park system.