Bronx New Deal - Photo #739 - West Farms Post Office

West Farms Post Office, 362 Devoe Avenue, Bronx NY 10460-9998, in the West Farms section of Bronx, just south of Bronx Park, emblematic of at least 28 New Deal post offices in New York City (not counting the many non-New-Deal post offices that contain New Deal murals or sculpture); see list here (scroll down to Gov.PO).

In the image you can see the date 1935 just below the peak of the roof on the right. There is nothing interesting inside (such as New Deal artwork), at least not in plain view.


  1. West Farms Station Post Office Bronx NY, Living New Deal (Evan Kalish): “The historic West Farms Station post office in the Bronx, New York was constructed with federal Treasury Department funds in 1936. The building is still in use today.”