Bronx New Deal - Photo #110 - Orchard Beach

The spooky, deserted, decaying north wing of the Orchard Beach bathhouse. The concessions, terraces, and plaza used to be crammed with people before the building was closed.

“The fabled Orchard Beach bathhouse, victim to years of salt water in the air and benign neglect, is crumbling. Now officials are weighing whether to replace it. The storied Depression-era building that welcomes crowds to Orchard Beach is now being studied to determine if its crumbling facade, as well as its often off-limits 90,000 square foot interior, should be repaired or replaced with a new green building, Parks Department officials said ... Shortly after it opened in the 1930s and 1940s, the building was home to a full service restaurant, changing facilities, locker rooms, and other amenities.” (Bronx Times, June 27, 2012).