The New Deal in Virginia

Frank da Cruz
Bronx NY
Summer 2017 and July 2020
Although I've lived in New York City since the 1960s, I grew up in Virginia so naturally I'm interested in what the New Deal did there, too. This section of my New Deal site contains photos taken by Virginians George Gilmer — a friend since childhood (1947) — and his wife Connie of Rockingham County; they had to spend some time in the Hampton Roads area in 2017 and found that photographing New Deal sites was a good way to see some sights and fill the idle hours. Then in mid-2020 Connie started to photograph sites in Rockingham County, beginning with Harrisonburg. I also made some contributions of my own from the public record and a certain book (and then some other ones). Here's what we have so far:


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