Bronx New Deal - Photo #388 - Allerton Ballfields

Allerton Ballfields satellite image
Google satellite image; click to enlarge
Allerton Ballfields in Bronx Park along Webster Avenue and the Metro North train tracks between Kazimiroff Boulevard and East 204th Street, adjacent to French Charley's Playground. The Allerton Ballfields are not mentioned by name in the NYC Parks Department Press releases because they were part of the same project: the construction of a large playground alongside four ball fields. Today they have separate labels: French Charley's Playground and Allerton Ballfields. The Department of Parks Press Release, July 29, 1940, says "[the area] will be developed with two children's playgrounds, one on the westerly side near 204 Street, and the other on Bronx Boulevard opposite Rosewood Street [Rosewood Playground]. Two softball diamonds and also a regulation baseball diamond will be provided." These are the diamonds adjacent to French Charley's Playground, now called Alleteron Ballfields because Kazimiroff Boulevard is Allerton Avenue west of Bronx Park East. The New Deal connection is confirmed in the Parks Department page for French Charley's Playground, which says:
In June of 1941, Parks developed this playground and the fields, and the WPA (Works Progress Administration) provided the labor force for the new construction.
It would appear a fourth ball field was added at a later time.