Bronx New Deal - Photo #332 - Claremont Park

Claremont Park, Bronx NY, a 1940 Works Progress Administration project. Occupying about 17 acres bounded by Mt. Eden Parkway on the north, Morris and Teller Avenues on the west, and Clay Avenue on the east, the renovated park opened opened on on December 7, 1940. This photo from June 2014 shows the playground at Mount Eden Parkway and Morris Avenue (of course the equipment has been replaced since 1940).

From a Parks Department press release, September 14, 1940:

The Department of Parks announces the opening without ceremonies on Saturday, September 14, of three new marginal playgrounds in Claremont Park, The Bronx. The balance of the park which is now being redesigned and reconstructed will remain closed until completion of the improvement later in the fall of this year.

Two of these small children's playgrounds, one at Teller Avenue directly opposite Morris Avenue and the other in the northeast section at Mt. Eden and Topping Avenues are completely equipped with kindergarten swings, slides, sand pits and see-saws while the third playground at the northwest corner at Mt. Eden and Morris Avenues has in addition a free play space with a shower basin and a pipe frame exercise unit. Adjacent to the playground at Mt. Eden and Morris Avenues is a softball diamond. All the areas have been surfaced with bituminous material to provide all year round usage and are landscaped with shade trees and numerous concrete benches.

The opening of these three playgrounds designed by the Park Department and built and landscaped by the Work Projects Administration makes a total of 291 new playgrounds completed by the Park Department since January 1, 1934. At that time there were 119 playgrounds in the five boroughs, 52 of these have been redesigned and reconstructed. At present there are 410 playgrounds in the City Park System.

And from the Parks Department press release on opening day:
This park has been redesigned by the Department of Parks and constructed by the Work Projects Administration to provide wider year round usage for all ages and groups of citizens of the surrounding community. Besides three new children's playgrounds which were opened on September 14 of this year, the old playground at the East 170 Street end of the park has been enlarged and provided with shuffleboard, volleyball and handball courts, a wading pool and play apparatus. There are also two large open play areas, one containing two softball diamonds and the other a softball diamond, basketball and volleyball courts, the surfaces of which can be used for roller and iceskating. Encircling this latter area is a one quarter mile bituminous surfaced bicycle and roller skating track. The balance of the park has been landscaped and provided with wide walks, benches and broad sloping lawns.