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Web Page Translations

Frank da Cruz
31 January 2019
Updated:  16 February 2019
I'm responsible for several popular websites, including:
The Kermit Project, formerly at Columbia University, now independent (the original site at Columbia still exists but has been "frozen" since 2011).

The New Deal in New York City. The legacy of FDR's New Deal in photographs and text. Hosted at the Kermit Project website.

The History of Computing at Columbia University.

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If you would like translate a page to a new language, send me email at the address above. Rules: It's OK to request linking to a commercial site, but please: no phishing or other hostile sites, no porn, no aggressive ads, etc. You should supply the following information about your translation so I can link back to it:

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  4. Organization or company
See this example. Item 3 is optional if item 4 is included, and vice versa. Items 3 and 4 can also include links, e.g. to a personal page or company page. There is no charge for installing the links and credits, and no money can be paid for the translations.

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kermitproject.org/: The Kermit Communications Software Project
Page and link Title Topic
index.html Kermit Project home page Overview and links to individual pages
kermit.html About Kermit Explanation of the Kermit Project, sofware, and protocol.
ek.html Embedded Kermit Kermit software for embedding
sshclient.html Kermit 95 for Windows K95's SSH Client

kermitproject.org/newdeal/: The New Deal in New York City
Page and link Title Topic
index.html NYC New Deal Home Page Links to New Deal site galleries and research
overview.html New Deal overview The New Deal and what it did in New York City

columbia.edu/cu/computinghistory/: The History of Computing at Columbia University
Page and link Title Topic
hollerith.html Herman Hollerith The father of modern automated computing
hh/index.html An Electric Tabulating System Hollerith's PhD Dissertation (1890 Census)
eckert.html Wallace Eckert Pioneer in automated scientific computation
grosch.html Herb Grosch Computer pioneer and commentator
backus.html John Backus Pioneer in computer programming languages
krawitz/­index.html Watson Scientific Computing Laboratory 1949 article by Eleanor Krawitz
tabulator.html Tabulators and Accounting Machines Precursors to modern computers
1890tabulator.html 1890 Census tabulator The first tabulator
eniac.html ENIAC (1946) How it was programmed mainly by women
ssec.html IBM's SSEC (1948) One of the first big computers
407.html The IBM 407 (1949) IBM's last tabulator
norc.html IBM's NORC (1954) The first super­computer
610.html IBM 610 Auto-Point (1954) The first personal computer
650.html IBM 650 MDC (1954) The first mass-produced computer